Fun in the Snow... Already??

With temperatures in the mid 90s and summer still in full swing, snow is certainly not high on the list of things to think about. When there is beach and sand and fun in the sun?? Thinking about snow?

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Absolutely. Though last time I checked, the skis were buried somewhere beneath the canoe (or maybe the kayak), but definitely buried in the back of the garage. And the cold weather gear? I’m not sure where to even start looking. It might be in the shed, in a bin, or, for all I know, sold to the highest bidder.

Yet even with months to go and the thermometer still rising, now is precisely the best time to start preparing and planning for what could quite possibly be, the best snow year in recent history. The time is now and not when the first storm slams the mountain (and you’re scrambling to find that long lost glove).

In the coming weeks and months, Patrollers will meet throughout Southern California to prepare themselves for the upcoming winter season. We will test our skills to ensure our medical procedures are proper and current, and we will update our CPR. We will inventory, test and double check that Nordic Base is in top operational readiness. We will review our protocols and procedures to ensure all are appropriate. We will meet with every member of the Patrol to ensure the overall Patrol is able to serve our guests with the highest level of care and professionalism.

Individually, we will start the process of going through our own gear and confirming our own readiness. We will pour over our gear lists, stuff our patrol packs, ensure our first aid kits are adequately stocked, wax the skis and make sure the boots still fit. We’ll throw the chains back in the car and pack the emergency winter kits. Some of us will walk the trails on Mt. Pinos to see how they’ve fared through the summer. Others will spend a night or two on the mountain to make sure their equipment can handle a full 24 hours in the wilderness. Others, still, will start the winter training cycle preparing both physically and mentally, for the demands of patrolling.

Our role as Patrollers is to assist guests – often in the form of medical aid. While we love the work we do and we put in plenty of effort to make sure we’re ready to serve, the reality is that the best day on the mountain is the day spent not providing any medical aid. Better said – we love a day where the mountain is filled with happy, healthy guests who go home as happy, healthy guests. As we prepare ourselves for what will most likely be an epic year, we look forward to our guests doing the same. The better prepared we all are, the better we can handle whatever this winter throws at us.

So pull the gear out of the closet, start going through everything, make sure you're ready and Mother Nature? Bring on those snowflakes!

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Posted on August 17, 2015

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