Why Nordic Base?

Our website URL comes from the US Forest Service’s radio protocols. Individuals using the Los Padres National Forest’s radio network are all assigned radio call signs. Those call signs start with a designation of what the individual does and then a unique number for that designation.

Because we are Forest Service volunteer employees and are accessing the radio network all of our members have assigned call signs of “Nordic” and then a unique number.

Nordic Base
Photo: ©2011 – Kiran Nimmagadda

In addition to individuals, facilities may have call signs. For example a district office has call sign which is the Forest Service’s name for the office. With the establishment of a base of operations for the nordic ski patrol at the Chula Vista parking lot on Mt. Pinos, first with an old travel trailer and later with our permanent facility, the name “Nordic Base” was picked for radio protocol purposes.

With the use of “Nordic Base” call sign, the facility itself became called Nordic Base rather than something like “the ski patrol building”. Our patrol room and base of operations is now known to the general public as “Nordic Base” because of a large sign on the building identifying the facility and what it is there for.

Given the identification of our patrol with the Nordic Base facility on Mt. Pinos, it was a natural pick for our web site URL.