Mount Pinos Local Information

Adventure Passes

During winter months the Forest Service contracts for portable toilets and trash collection. To pay for these amenities an Adventure Pass fee is charged per car. Cost is $5 for a single day permit or $30 for a full year permit. On the days that Ski Patrol staffs Nordic Base we will usually have day passes available for sale. The Forest Service tickets vehicles that are not displaying the passes so be prepared by purchasing an Adventure Pass.

Equipment Rentals

There is no commercial activity on Mt. Pinos nor are there equipment sales or rentals in the local communities so you will have to bring up the gear that you will be using.

It is possible that an back country sporting goods store near where you live has snowshoe or even cross country ski rentals so you may wish to check that option too.

Getting To Mt. Pinos

The Chula Vista parking lot is about 21 miles from the Frazier Park exit off I-5 at the top of the Grapevine. Depending on weather and traffic conditions it is about 1.5 hours from Los Angeles.

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Current Conditions

See our Weather page for the current conditions and official NOAA National Weather System forecast.