Off Season Patrolling Done Right

While Patrollers certainly share a love of the outdoors and the beautiful winter season, what brings us back, year, to year, is our desire to serve and help our community. For a Patroller, providing service above and beyond is something we all strive for.

At the close of the Patrolling season, Patrollers, Mountain Hosts, candidates, friends and families gather at Nordic Base to celebrate the previous months, but to also clean up the area, complete repairs and prepare our home for the coming year.

During this year's clean-up in June, our Mountain Hosts, Tom and Patty, stumbled upon an iPhone on the trail to Chula Vista Campground. Though we searched around for the owner, no one claimed the phone. Instead, at the end of the day, the Patrol Representative, Byron, took the phone home hopeful that someone might somehow reach out and "phone home".

Sadly, however, nothing. The phone was password protected and on airplane mode so finding an owner seemed impossible. Yet that did not stop Byron. Instead, he looked for clues - following a wild hunch that eventually led to the owner.

How that simple gesture went from the happiness of reuniting someone with their property to a story on the Bakersfield news is still a bit of a shock. For Byron, as for all Patrollers, putting in the time and effort to achieve a successful result is what we love to do - whether there is snow on the ground or not. The end result is all about the people we are able to help.

Sometimes that's even better than fresh powder.

Posted on July 22, 2015
Updated on July 22, 2015

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