A ski day

Went to summit and down the west side as far as the Chumash sign today. The two storms we’ve had have put some good coverage, 6-10 inches, I’d say, but skiing was difficult. I would have cussed the crust, but I’ve never seen it quite like this—scalloped drifts with something like graupel embedded in it. It reminded me of crunchy peanut brittle and was about as easy to ski. Pinos often creates a fantastic flocking and this was also unusual—a rainbow spectrum of ice and frost on every twig.

There was a consolation prize: Coming back at sunset, the crust firmed up and it gave a tremendous glide, almost continuous from the Condor Lookout back to the parking lot, except for the short upgrade between the meadows.

Lovely day—met a split boarder and a snowshoer and a couple of snow play parties. Great to have this much this early.

-Nordic 49C

Posted on November 29, 2016

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